project 4 using the same from unit 3

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GIS Project In this unit, in addition to the assigned readings found in the study guide, you have been provided with several suggested reading resources to assist you in a continued exploration of geographic information systems (GIS). These resources, in addition to whatever credible sources you may find in professional journals, will assist you in completing this project. For the purposes of this project, choose the same model agency you used in the Unit III assignment. Your task is to create a PowerPoint presentation that will inform community members and your colleagues (who have no knowledge about GIS) about the nature and functions of GIS. It should include how GIS is different from the traditional mapping technology that was in use prior to its availability, include the benefits to both the community and the agency (in separate sections), and, finally, include an explanation suitable for the public about the unique contribution of GIS and its importance to the field of criminal justice. Within this presentation, you are required to discuss at least one current event and at least three scholarly sources that support your point. You should use the same standards for scholarly resources as explained in previous units. MCJ 5078, Computer Applications for Criminal Justice Administration 5 When creating the PowerPoint presentation keep the following factors in mind:  The audience is the public, so be sure to provide details and explanations accordingly.  Choose a professional and simple background for the slides. Make sure there is maximum contrast between the background and text for ease of vision. Keep in mind that most rooms will not have a total blackout capability, so ambient light will decrease the visibility.  A proper presentation should be equally suitable for presentation in a room of 35 people using a projector and a screen. Therefore, the minimum size for font is 28 point in order for it to be visible from the back of the room.  Every slide should have a title, and the font size on both title and text should be consistent from slide to slide (respectively).  The use of images and graphics is always helpful—especially if there are data presented, but those should be professional and avoid the cartoon appearance of clip art.  All images and factual claims should have a citation in the slide. For assistance with citing your information and images within your PowerPoint, please contact the CSU Writing Center.  There should be no more than six words per line, and no more than six lines of text per slide. You must not write a script on the slides; the text should be truncated sentences or even just a few words. The purpose is to provide an outline to allow the audience to follow along—not a paragraph that will distract the audience from the presenter while they read along.  The title slide should identify the presenter, the sponsoring agency, the topic, and possibly the date or audience to whom it is presented.  The presentation should end with a Q & A or thank-you slide followed by the references slide.  Inclusion of a brief video or audio file is possible and may be helpful for the current event portion.  Fancy transitions are not necessary.  Balance the use of graphics with the text, and maximize the available “real estate” on the slide. Your presentation must include at least three scholarly references and be a minimum of 12 slides, not including the title and reference slides. It should also include a transcript of what you would say to the community. This transcript will appear in the notes section of each slide and only needs to contain the verbiage related to each individual slide. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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