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When responding to other postings pick a different position than the person you are engaging in the discussion as if you were in a team meeting discussing this case. You might take the position of a Psychiatrist, Psychologist Supervisor, Nurse, or Counselor, but look for constructive feedback for you classmates’ position. Think of 2 positive statements you could make regarding the case and 2 challenging statements you might make to brainstorm this case.

Student paper down below:

Mrs. Blackwell is a 55-year-old woman who suffers from major depressive disorder and with time has developed border line disorders like personality disorder. She suffers from addiction as well. She has begun to cut herself off from having a social life and has stopped taking her medicine and sleeps and eats all the time. She has reached a point in her life where she is now seeking help and wants to change her life around an is even considering doing group therapy. Our goal is to help her get her life back on track and provide her with the resources she needs to do so.

My first goal for Mrs. Blackwell is to have her mentally evaluated. Being that she has been without her medication we don’t know if her current disorder has worsened or if she has developed other issues along the way. Once she has been evaluated I want to start her back on her medication. If it’s determined that she has developed some other disorders along the way I want to treat them as well. Once she is back in her right state of mind, my next goal is to get her back socializing with family. I feel that if Mrs. Blackwell understands that her family only wants the best for her then she will stop lashing out at them and allow them to be her support team. I will also need to explain to her family that her lashing out was due to her not taking her medication and that she had given up on getting better. With Mrs. Blackwell now wanting to have a social life I can now assign her to a group therapy like she asked. With her refusing to have a social life group therapy wouldn’t have worked for her in the beginning. However, now that she is willing to participate in group therapy here is a few that I have chosen for her.

The first type of therapy that I would refer for Mrs. Blackwell would be Psychodynamic therapy. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the impact of life events, desires, and past and current relationships on a person’s life. (Patricelli, 2017) This will help Mrs. Blackwell to cope with the event that has caused her to become so depressive and want to separate herself from the world. Doing this and teaching her how to cope with the event and to address it will give her the strength she needs to open up in group therapy. The drawback is this can cause her to become more depressed when facing the event or events that have caused her to feel the way she does.

My second form of therapy would be family therapy and group therapy. These are groups of individuals no more than 12 at a time. Within the group individuals address those things that bother them and address the disorders that they have and how they are learning to cope with it. Within family therapy, issues that one another have with each other are addressed. They are there to help overcome those feelings and move forward. The drawback to this is Mrs. Blackwell may not like what her family has to say and begin to lash out at them again and be right back at square one with her progress with her family.

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