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At the end of Plato’s Republic¸ Plato characterizes different possible political regimes, and ranks them from best to worst. Tyranny is the worst form of government, possessing no virtues whatsoever, with Democracy being the second worse. What distinguishes a state of Democracy from a state of Tyranny? What are the problems inherent within a Democracy, according to Plato? What kind of individual life does Plato characterize as being typical to the democratic soul? Finally, answer the following counter-argument from Plato’s standpoint – Counter-argument: Democracy is the best form of government because it is the freest; citizens have the most freedom under Democracy than any other regime, and this is why it should be considered best, if not good at the very least. Text Books used – Plato Republic, Aristotle- Nicomachean Ethics and St.Thomas Aquinas- Summa Theologiae

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