Please respond to the following post by exanding upon it and then asking a question. Please use AP

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Please respond
to the following post by exanding upon it and then asking a question.
Please use APA format 400 words minumum 1 cite.

Hatred and
aggression are very serious topics and unfortunately rarely gets
addressed. I have dealt with so many young children, as young as three
years old, that have displayed all sorts of aggressive behavior when
they are unable to have their way such as fighting, biting, throwing
chairs, or yelling. Tantrums are expected from babies or toddlers, but
when older children are displaying these same type of behaviors I
believe there are some underlying causes to it.

Psychology Today
(1983) did a survey asking if people could “If you could secretly push a
button and thereby eliminate any person with no repercussions to
yourself, would you press that button?” 69% of responding males said
yes, 56% of women. Men would most often kill the U. S. president or some
public figure; women would kill bosses, ex-husbands or ex boyfriends
and former partners of current lovers.” I understand being upset with
someone, but actually going the lengths to kill or be willing to end
someone’s life, that is extreme.

One possible explanation for
people’s aggression and hatred is through learned behavior. Social
learning theory suggests that great deals of children’s behaviors are
learned through modeled behaviors, observed behaviors, imitation, and
possibly vicarious reinforcement (Friedman & Schustack, 2012). If a
child constantly sees adults handling conflict in way that display
aggression, such as yelling, fighting, or throwing, most likely they
will pick up those aggressive habits as well. For example, Lynn Munoz
recalls her parents yelling,throwing dishes and slamming things when in
arguments. When she got older she remembered doing the same thing, until
she caught herself and began to take steps to deprogram the aggressive

Aggression can also be biological, as well. There is
quite a bit of empirical research linking physiological causes to
aggressive behaviors. Some examples included by Friedman and Schustack
(2012) include aggression resulting from brain disorders or biochemical
deficiencies. Mood disorders and psychosis can be the general cause for
aggressive attitudes in children. They may not be able to communicate
how they are feeling, but their bodily chemicals are doing so many
things and they are unable to handle it all.


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