schema project music Festival

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I want to use Music Festival as entity for this paper, such as Ultra Music Festival, EDC Music Festival.

Define a set of entities, articulate a motivating purpose for describing them, and then outline a structure of attributes and associated values to systematically represent your entities as metadata. You will use your schema to create metadata for five varied instances of entities in your set.

Assignment details

First, you will define a group of entities to describe. This could be anything. Some examples could be:

• Spoons.

• Knitting patterns.

• Web comics.

• Yoga poses.

• Intellectual movements in literary criticism.

When defining your class of entities, give a sense of the range of possible instances that would fit into your set. For example, is a restaurant with only one vegan dish an acceptable instance of a vegan-friendly restaurant? Is a spork a spoon? Thinking about border cases will help you create attributes that apply equally to all members of your set of entities.

Next, you will articulate a purpose and associated target audience to motivate your description. For example, you might want to share your new comics book acquisitions with your comic book club, or you might want to advance a feminist interpretation of comics to the scholarly world. You might want to help novice knitters find patterns that make nice gifts, or you might want to create a vegan-eating guide for people who grew up in, and are well-acquainted with. You can see how each situation might suggest a different set of attributes for the same entity set.

You will then articulate a set of 10-15 attributes to define your entities in support of the purpose. You will label and describe each attribute in sufficient detail so that an “outside indexer” (that is, someone who is merely given your schema and its documentation) could assign values for entities of the type that you have described. For each attribute, you will set parameters for acceptable values and provide guidelines that show how values should be expressed.

Once you have sufficiently defined your attributes, use the structure that you have developed to preliminarily describe five instances to represent both central and border cases of your entity set. If there are cases where you are unable to satisfactorily describe an instance, use this as an opportunity to revise the schema and clarify your attribute definitions. (You might even need to clarify the boundaries of your group of entities and sharpen its description.) Then use your revised schema to create five final descriptions for your entity instances.

Finally, write a brief critical reflection on your design process and resulting product. You might discuss questions such as the following:

• As you designed your initial attribute set, how did you ensure that your attributes contributed to your defined purpose for description? If this process was difficult, what made it so?

• How did your schema change, if at all, following the initial test? What necessitated the changes, and why weren’t you able to anticipate these issues in advance?

• Did your perception of your group of entities change after attempting to describe the five instances? How did your conception of this set change, and what caused your perspective to shift?

• Do you feel like your final schema represents the group of entities well? Why or why not?

• What was difficult about this design project?

• What might you keep in mind for subsequent metadata design projects?

These are examples of questions that you might discuss. To create a concise yet cohesive paper, you will need to concentrate on a few design issues of particular relevance to your project. Do not merely answer the questions here.

Note that the point of this reflective essay is not to justify why your schema is work effectively. Instead, the goal of this essay is to explore and critique how the practical experience of designing a schema provokes insight onto the conceptual foundations of information organization.


Your final assignment should include:

• A set of instructions for an outside indexer to use in adding descriptions of new instances to the set of records that you have already created. These instructions should include the following two elements: o A few paragraphs to describe your group of entities, your purpose for describing them, and how your defined attributes work to facilitate the purpose.

o Your attribute descriptions, value parameters, and associated guidelines for using the schema to describe the entities. The description for each attribute should follow a consistent format. (You can use something similar to the standard for Dublin Core metadata elements or devise your own format. You may use tables if you wish.)

• Your descriptions of five instances. Use a consistent format for each record (perhaps a table for each instance).

• Your critical reflection. This should be written in narrative form, as a cohesive paper of 750-1000 words.

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