Trade Negotiation between U.S.A and Cuba , economics homework help

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i want you to just re-wriite this in a good way

After your group has completed the group presentation, please read and answer the following questions. Keep your submissions to no more than a page or two maximum (or the equivalent of what would fit on one or two typed page). Put your name on your assignment!! You will get an individual grade for completing this assignment AND the answers from you and your group members will factor in to the final group presentation grade.

1) List names of all members of your group.

Lena Alzaid

Razibul Hasan

Felicia Harris

Blessing Olatimehin

2) List your group’s presentation topic.

Trade Negotiation between U.S.A and Cuba

1. Introduction
2. Historical Background of trade relation
3. Barriers of trade relations
4. Statistics of Bilateral Trade
5. Rapport building initiatives
6. Facilitating Successful Negotiations
7. Methodologies for negotiation
8. Useful ADR for this relation
9. Conclusion

3) SELF REFLECTION: From your perspective, what was your individual contribution(s) to the group’s work and the group presentation (what things did you do and help with to make your group successful)?

we met to choose the topic

wrote the outline

and talked about everyone part

and we met 3 times before the presentation

we discus about each part

What things, if any, did you NOT do as well or wish you would have done better/differently to contribute to the group’s work and project success?

for me i wanted to present more but becouse of the time we make the the presentation shorter

and for all of us we wanted to talk more and clearly about the topic but as the classmates said we were talking fast and they want to know more about the topic

4) RELFECTION ON GROUP MEMBERS: List each of the other members of your group and, from your perspective, what you think they each individually contributed (positively and negatively) to the group’s work and the group presentation.





did statistics and rapport building and he assembled power points and bibliography

5) What insights, take-a-ways, or points of learning will you take away from this group project experience?


I’m wating for more information

so please if you can work on this for now and I will send you what other members did in the next few hours

if you have any question please ask me so i can answer it

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