CO301 4 Assignments; One has to be completed as a group

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CO301 Intro to Communication Theory

Week 2,4,5, & 8 Assignments

(4 Assignments: one has to be done with a group.)

I need week 2 by Sep 22.

I need week 4 by Oct 5

I need week 5 by Oct 12

I need week 8 done by Nov 1st with all the group work completed as well.

Assignment: W2 Assignment

Nonverbal Communication

View the Amy Cuddy video “Your body language may shape who you are” and the Allan Pease video “Body Language, the power is in the palm of your hand.”

In no less than 1000 words, consider the impact of nonverbal communication on your ability to communicate effectively. Select one concept from each video which you can implement to overcome communication barriers. Give examples of how you could demonstrate the value of each concept, both in your own communication and as you have observed it in others.

Your paper should be in APA format, and include references to at least three professional sources (like those found in the Grantham Library) other than the videos (The text may be one of the three).

View your assignment rubric.

Assignment: W4 Assignment

Listening Presentation

Utilizing what you have learned about listening this week, prepare a Power Point presentation you could present to your coworkers to help improve listening on the job. You may use your current place of employment or one where you hope to work in the future as your target audience.

Be sure to include examples which apply specifically to your target audience addressing issues caused by poor listening, and ways to improve. Consider current issues in listening, and how improved listening skills could reduce levels of interpersonal conflict in the organization. Describe current issues and the specific ways your recommendations could reduce those issues.

Your presentation should include a title slide, at least eight content slides, and a references slide. Remember, the slides should only be an outline of what you would say. Remember the “Rule of Five”: No more than five points per slide, and no more than five words per point. Use the Notes section to fill in details of what you would actually say while speaking. You should cite at least two sources on the references slide, one of which may be the text.

If you wish to use a technology other than Power Point, like Google Slides, Adobe Spark or Prezi, please be sure that you submit a script to accompany the slides separately.

This assignment is due at the end of Week 4.

View your assignment rubric.

Bottom of Form

Week 5 Assignment


Conflict is everywhere in our lives. We can’t avoid it. Consider the difference between conflict in face-to-face interactions and in online interactions. In a 1000 word paper, discuss how you’ve dealt with conflicts in each environment. Discuss differences between online and face to face conflicts. Based on your readings this week, what are the differences in how you would approach each type of conflict? How could you have handled each type of conflict more effectively? Utilize at least two resources from the Grantham Library in addition to your text in preparing your response. The paper should be submitted in APA format.

View your assignment rubric.

Week 8 Assignment

Group Assignment

Your Final Project for this course will be a group assignment consisting of a training presentation and a reflection paper. Your instructor will assign you to groups by the beginning of Week 6.

Culture and gender have the potential to create conflict within any organization. Your group has been asked to develop a training workshop which will highlight communication issues related cultural and gender diversity, and provide those attending the workshop the opportunity to improve their ability to communicate with those of different cultures or genders. As a group you will utilize a discussion forum and file sharing system to create the training presentation, which should include the following:

1 title slide

8-10 content slides

1 reference slide

Slide notes outlining the verbal and activity-based portions of the presentation

All members of the group will submit the same presentation file.

Submit the presentation file to the Group Project dropbox in Week 8. It will be graded using this rubric.

Week 8 Assignment

W-8 Group Assignment Reflection

Your Final Project for this course will be a group assignment consisting of a training presentation and a reflection paper. Your instructor will assign you to groups by the beginning of Week 6.

In addition to the group assignment presentation, each group member will write an individual reflection regarding the group project process. You will examine the process the group followed to reach its proposal:

What role did each member take in the discussion? If one or more did not participate, that should be noted as well.

What steps did the group go through to achieve its goal?

What barriers did you experience?

How did you apply the strategies for effective group function from the text to improve your ability to succeed?

Your reflection should answer the questions above in no less than 750 words.

Submit the reflection file to the Reflection dropbox in Week 8. It will be graded using this rubric.

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