Key Concept # 1 and #2 Assignment: Extra Credit Only, history homework help

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Concept #1 (need to be written in suppurate word document)

Here is the extra credit assignment key concept # 1. Please identify all the items on the list in 25 words or more from lecture and text.

Please identify the following items in 25 words or more:

Four major sections of the United States

Real Geography: Two examples

Imaginary Geography: Two examples

Northwest Passage

Pike and the GAD Myth

Valley Forge Myth

Winter of the Great Die Up

Log Cabin Myth

Geographic Errors: one example

Sexual Roles: Two examples

Geography and Transportation

Geography and the City

The Donner Party

John Muir

Kennewick Man

Hwui Shan

Leif Erickson

Marco Polo

Changes in Europe before the trip of Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Cabeza Da Vaca



Jacques Cartier

Samuel Champlain

The Lost Colony

Daniel Boone

Couture and Gist

Thomas Walker

Lewis and Clark

John Fremont

Jedediah Strong Smith

Hollywood Myth

Myth of Wagon Train Travel

Myth of the Cattle Business

Myth of the Cowboy

Myth of the Cattle Town

Myth of the white west

Myth of the cavalry of the West

Reality of Overland Travel: Problems

Joseph McCoy

Reality of the Cowboy

Reality of the Cattle Town

Reality of the Gunfighter

William Cody

Wyatt Earp

William Masterson

Bose Ikard

Nat Love

Bill Pickett

Key Concept # 2 Assignment: Extra Credit Only (need to be written in suppurate word document)

Please identify the following items in 25 words or more from lecture and text material:

Five Examples of African Culture

The Triangular Trade System

John Woolman

Blacks in Revolution: examples

Quock Walker

African Americans and the Constitution

Sambo Personality

General Abuses of Cotton Plantation Slavery

Types of Plantation Slaves

Economics of Slavery

Examples of Slave Codes

Thomas Dew

William Harper

William Grayson

Gabriel Conspiracy

Nat Turner

William Lloyd Garrison

Emancipation Proclamation

Frederick Douglass

Nathaniel Bedford Forrest

Freedom Amendments


Examples of Voter Restrictions

Jim Crow System

Booker T. Washington

William Du Bois

Marcus Garvey

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