The importance of HCI is extremely important for the nontechnical, communications homework help

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When responding to your peers, add your thoughts on the value or practicality of their suggested changes.

Peer Response:

The importance of HCI is extremely important for the nontechnical user because it allows them to use whatever application without having to know how it is actually working. I feel that the most successful apps are the ones that are user friendly (have good HCI) because in this day and age the majority of people do not want to take the time to understand how what they are using works. People want instant gratification and having a good HCI will accomplish that.

Take Instagram for example, it’s a very straightforward application. The very basic premise is that you take a picture and then upload it for your followers to see and whoever you are following, you will be able to see the photos they upload.When you open the app you can see all the photos of the people you are following. On the top left there is a camera symbol that allows the user to take a picture with their phone and then will allow them to post it. After taking the picture the app automatically directs them to the editing page that has pre-existing filters that can help improve the picture quality. The user can either choose a filter or not and then is directed to another screen to be given the option of writing a caption. The user can thenchoose to write something or not and then can post (upload) the photo. Once posted all of their followers will be able to see the photo that was posted. The same process can be done with photos that are not taken with the app but instead were taken with just the camera on the phone. This option is done by selecting the square with the + symbol. There are more things you can do with the application and they are all very straight forward and do not require any written instructions. Instagram is a very straighforward application that has excellent HCI, any enduser can download the app and immediately start using it without any explination.

The only thing I would change about the application would be for it to go back to how it displayed its photos. It currently does not display the photos in real time on the endusers feed. Meaning that when I see a photo on my feed it may not be the most recent one that has been posted. It used to be this way but was changed recently.

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