Validating Sources

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Validating Sources

1.Explain the different types of journalism listed below:






2. Looking back at the articles you read during the first week, which type of journalism do you think was used for each article?

3. Explain the different types of documentaries listed below:







4. What are testimonials? Personal endorsement, recommendation, etc. Not fact based. Personal experience based.

5. When conducting research, is the data that can be collected through testimonials useful in providing factual evidence?

6. Looking back at “Hungry for Change”, which type of documentary style do you feel fits it best?

Please watch the movie “Hungry for Change”

7. Research the following people who were in “Hungry for Change”.

  • David “Avocado” Wolfe
    • What is his educational background?
      • What is his professional background?
      • What are his credentials?
      • Where did he receive his degree?

Michael Adams “Health Ranger”

oWhat is his educational background?

oWhat is his professional background?

oWhat are his credentials?

oWhere did he receive his degree?

Dr. Joseph Mercola

oWhat is his background?

oWhat is his philosophy?

8 What is the difference between a Master of Arts and a Master of Science degree?

Is it possible to have a Master of Arts in Nutrition?

If so, find a college/university that offers it.

What are your thoughts on the college/university and program?

9. What is meant by the term “Quack”?

10. After answering these questions, reflect back on “Hungry for Change”.

What are your views on the experts?

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