Couple of paragraphs on Howard Schultz , management homework help

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Please provide a couple of paragraphs or so regarding the discussion topic below under 7-1. I included the professor’s direction detailing what he wants.

Discussion 7-1: Thinking about the five steps in the creative process, identify how Howard Schultz exemplified some or all of these steps in the creative process as elements of personal, political, and positional power to effect change in organizational culture.

This week the discussion is again about the use of power—but in the context of the creative process. Our reading is chapter 11 of DuBrin. He describes the creative process, staring on page 346. What are the 5 steps as described in the text?

Opportunity of problem recognition




Verification and application

Generally, one stage proceeds to the next.

This isn’t the only way to look at the process, of course. In a recent article in Inc., Jessica Stillman describes the process is described in 4 stages: preparation; incubation; illumination; and verification.

In the following article, DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) is discussed. This involves redesign generally of existing products and would be in the later stages of the creative process.

There are numerous theories about creative and closely-related design process. What the discussion is looking for is how did/does your chosen leader use power to achieve it in his/her organization.

The discussion is graded using a course-long rubric. Most of you have figured it out, but here it is, with my comments:

Comprehension: Develops an initial post with an organized, clear point of view or idea using rich and significant detail. The way I grade this is that if the student clearly deals with the subject of the discussion, discussed it in sufficient detail and included relevant outside references, I’ll give an exemplary.

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