psychological aspects in The Boston Marathon Bombings and The Paris Attacks , psychology homework help

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– This is an eight slides ppt about psychological aspects in The Boston Marathon Bombings and The Paris Attacks .

– The eight slides will about Type of disaster – history, examples, characteristics, typical impacts for both disasters, but put more effort please on the Boston Marathon Bombings.

– Remember, its all about psychological aspects in disasters, so you should talk about it in the slides of characteristics and typical impacts.

– The slides should just include brief points, and the description and explanation in the comments of each slide below, just consider yourself the presenter of this presentation, you would read the explanation from the explanation in the comments below each slide.

– Please, keep the words in the explanation very simple, as I said, consider yourself the presenter, you would keep it easy to facilitate your reading.

– I uploaded some articles below (you should carefully read them) to expand your thoughts about psychological aspects in disasters. and also there are additional resources below about both disasters, just pick the resources you like even if its not included here, but remember, every resource must be updated, educational, and official such as ( org, edu, gov, etc).

Please use APA format for citation.

– also, put the work you will do in another word document, you can just do a copy past for the work.

– The additional resources:

Biddinger, P., Baggish, A., Harrington, L., d’Hemecourt, P., Hooley, J., Jones, J., Kue, R., Troyanos, C., & Dyer, S. (2013). Be Prepared – The Boston Marathon and Mass-Casualty Events. NEJM, 36:21, 1958-1960.

Boston Marathon 2013. Image retrieved from

Brenner, P. S., LeBlanc, J. L., Roman, A. M., Kwate, N. A. (2015). Safety and Solidarity After the Boston Marathon Bombings: A Comparison of Three Diverse Boston Neighborhoods. Sociological Forum, 30(1), 40-61.

Chiefs Collaborative. (2014). Boston Marathon Bombings: An After-Action Review. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 77(3), 501-503.

Darnobid, A., Hirsch, D., & Kue, R. (2014). Prehospital Response to the Marathon Bombings: Boston, MA. Retrieved from

Hemingway, M., & Ferguson, J. (2014). Boston Bombings: Response to Disaster. AORN Journal, 99(2), 277-288.

Holman, A., Garfin, D. R., & Cohen Silver, R. (2013). Media’s role in broadcasting acute stress following the Boston Marathon bombings. PNAS, 111(1), 93-98.

Hsieh, A. (2014). 5 triage lessons learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing. NAEMSP annual conference.

Kearney, B. (2014) Boston EMS Transitions to Warm Zone Operations after the Boston Bombings. Retrieved from…

Kellermann, A. L. (2013). Lessons from Boston. NEJM, 368(21), 1956-1957.

Leonard, H. B., Cole, C. M., Howitt, A. M., & Heymann, P. B. (2014). “Why Was Boston Strong? Lessons from the Boston Marathon Bombing”. Harvard Kennedy School, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management.

Walls, R. M., & Zinner, M. J. (2013). The Boston Marathon Response: Why Did it Work So Well? JAMA, 309(23), 2441-2442.

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