Read the case/Answer 4 Questions

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Read the case below.

Source: ( 03/09/17: Note: The website within the source is not for your use, but is part of the source of the questions assigned. Please go to the Internet and search for information on expats and the repatriation process so that you can answer the questions.

Go to the Internet and search for information about Preparing Successful Expatriate Managers.

Preparing Successful Expatriate Managers

Hyper competitive global business arenas and maturing markets at home demand that firms send their best people to forge international relationships and create an international corporate presence. Organizations have a lot at stake when they send an employee, “expatriate” overseas. Expatriates, the face of the company in the “host” or foreign land, directly impact the firm’s acceptance by and performance in the new country.

It is expensive to send employees and often times their families to foreign countries. Selecting the right employee to become an expatriate requires human resources to invest time in selection, training and resettling activities. An international consulting firm specializing in expatriate management reports that it costs an organization three to ten times the cost of domestic employees. It is imperative therefore, that HR professionals have an intimate knowledge of host countries; their customs, language, cost of living, education alternatives and spouse employment opportunities. Knowledge regarding information sources, and 24 hour customer service also contribute to ensuring expatriate adjustment.

Most expatriates believe that accepting foreign assignments gives them an advantage over their colleagues in similar positions in the home country. However, others fear that they will suffer from “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome, and be left out of important communication loops in the corporate office, or by-passed for promotions. To help expatriates focus their energies on their foreign assignments, organizations need to create “repatriation” programs as well.

Locate web sites that provide expatriates with opportunities for discussions, chat rooms and useful web-links. Use the resources you find to respond to the following questions.

  1. What are some of the risks that an organization faces when stationing an expatriate overseas?
  2. Do you have the “Survival Skills” to be a successful expatriate manager? In your opinion, would you do well overseas?
  3. What are some of the capabilities that other expatriates believe contribute to success and failure in overseas assignments?
  4. What have been some of the key issues for successful expatriation of families?
  5. How can firms help with the repatriation process?


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