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Hello, I have the prompt below, just follow the questions, Thank you.

Week One Assignment: Reflection Paper

“There is no perfect time to write. There’s only now.”

-Barbara Kingsolver

This paper is due by Saturday of Week 1 of class. The paper should be 2 double-spaced pages long, and should follow MLA guidelines for paper formatting. This assignment is a formal essay, so you should follow the forms of good writing, which include good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and organization; a thesis statement with supporting points throughout (plenty of detail and specifics); clear and compelling introductory and conclusion paragraphs; and no slang or text-speak. In addition, this paper will also introduce you to the writing process and require you to practice the second part of that process, which is called brainstorming. (See Week One: Learning Activity for more information.) The brainstorming work must be turned in with your completed paper.

In this paper, you will be thinking about the hurdles you have experienced and overcome in pursuing your college education. The paper will be a self-reflection and assessment in which you examine what challenges you have faced thus far in regard to attending college and what present or future assistance you foresee needing in pursuit of your education goals at National University. Reflection papers are personal and subjective essays in which the writer expresses their thoughtful insights on a specific topic. It’s important to remember reflection papers are your own thoughts and no one else’s.

To begin, think about when you decided to attend college. What motivated you to make this decision? What were your thoughts and feelings about taking this next step in your life? Were you always a strong student and thought it would be easy, or have you struggled in school in the past and expect it will be anything but easy? Who helped you decide to continue your education? How? What is the biggest hurdle you have faced to get here to this classroom and in your pursuit of a college education and degree? This obstacle(s) would be a significant barrier that made you question whether or not you would be able and/or willing to continue to attend this university, or possibly whether or not you would be able and/or willing to continue in college at all.

In the paper, you will:

  • Describe the biggest hurdle(s) you have encountered in your pursuit of a college degree and how it came about, each in specific detail.
  • Discuss how you have worked to overcome this hurdle(s).
  • Explain what you have learned and how you have changed as a result of dealing with such a significant obstacle(s).
  • Describe what present and future assistance you think you might need in regard to this hurdle

Both your brainstorming work and paper must be submitted.

Proofread and edit your paper before submitting it.

Points will be deducted for late or incomplete submissions.

Let me know if you have any question.

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