History 3A: world history: late prehistoric to 750 CE

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• Essay Options—Choose One:

• What can the transitions during this historical period teach?

• What does this period say about the “human condition”?

• What does this period say about “Civilization”?

• What can we learn about the “human condition” and “civilization” from this period?

Thesis: state exactly what the focus of your essay is and what you intend to demonstrate, argue or prove.

Essay Length: A minimum of seven to eight pages or 1700 to 2000 words—write to answer the question and learn from what was studied. However, an “A” paper from my perspective includes everything that was read, discussed, or viewed in class.

A useful resource is “WikiHow: to do anything”:How to Write an Essay Introduction.Defining key terms is a useful tool in this section, especially if the terms are ambiguous.Briefly summarize, in a sentence or two, each of the sources you cite. Also, indicate the three historical periods and what they are noted for would likewise be beneficial in this section; for example: the late Paleolithic, Neolithic, and classical civilization era.

• Introduction, which should include:

• The thematic question

• Your Thesis statement (Italicize)

• Your position regarding the thesis (Underline)

• Definitions of key terms

• Summary of sources used

• Indicate the different historical periods that were covered during class, and summarize each historical period

Body of Essay:

A useful resource is “WikiHow: to do anything”:How to write a formal essay.

Body of Essay:

• No more than 5 to 7 quotes (Which can be used in the introduction, body, or conclusion, but no more than 7.However, if your essay is more than seven pages feel free to include more quotes.); Make sure you summarize each source that you are citing;If you cite from the same source more than once, you only need to summarize that source one time; Also, make sure you explain exactly how this quote relates to your topic of discussion—Do not assume it is obvious;

• Support your perspective/position with concrete examples from the course texts, films, lectures or research;

• Use primary sources or documents

• How would you respond to an account for an opposing perspective or position?Make sure this perspective or position is a strong representation of an oppositional stance.In other words, if you are arguing that civilization during this period only works for a small group of people; you must also take into consideration the claim that civilization works for the majority of people and make a case against this position;


A useful resource is “WikiHow: to do anything”:How to end a formal essay.

• Conclusion:

• Include the question and your response to: What kind of world do you want to live in?

• Summarize your points of what can be learned about civilization and what this period or these periods say about the human condition

• Make sure everything is tied together

Works Cited and Bibliography:

A useful resource is the Modern Language Association (MLA) website.

General Information:

• Overall pointers:

• Make sure you follow instructions

• Comprehension is key

• Clarity is key

• Does your support actually address your claim or position?

• Utilization of resources: the texts, lectures, films, primary and secondary resources and research (An “A” paper should include at least 5 of the above)

• No sweeping generalizations or absolutes—allow for complexity, unless certain it applies to everyone or in all situations

• Pay attention to details

• Spelling and Grammar count—I read the first 2 pages and if there are more than 7 spelling or grammatical errors, I stop reading and your essay will receive half points or less.More than seven spelling or grammatical errors in the first two pages is not college level work.

• Edit your paper

• Have someone else read your paper

• Have Fun Thinking, Writing, Editing, and Re-writing!


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