Week 7 Policy Memo

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Consider the following scenario: Your supervisor needs to be convinced of the need to make changes to a departmental policy in your agency and how these
changes will affect the different actors involved in the policy-making process.
Prompt: Use the Memorandum Template to complete the assignment. In your brief, 1-page memorandum, address the following critical elements as they are
reflected in the Sample Policy Memorandum. These critical elements appear as headings in that document as follows:
1. Issue Presented: In a brief one-sentence question, summarize the importance of making changes to your selected departmental policy in your criminal
justice agency and how these changes will affect the different actors involved in the policy-making process.
2. Short Answer: Provide a short answer that summarizes the conclusion of the memorandum.
3. Statement of Facts: Describe how implementing these departmental policy changes will result in more effective policy-making.
4. Discussion: Briefly discuss at least one recent example of a departmental policy (from law enforcement, the courts, or corrections) that has effectively
been revised to take into consideration the various policy actors involved.
5. Conclusion: Provide a conclusion based on the research you have done and the details you have gathered.
6. Recommendations:
a) Explain how the changes you are recommending to your departmental policy will affect other policy actors, including those in the other
branches of the criminal justice system.
b) Identify resistance to the recommended changes from other policy actors who may find the changes lead to potential conflicts with their own
policies or agendas.
c) In making your recommendations, include elements to your policy that, although not ideal for your department, will avoid conflicts with other
policy actors and make a smoother delivery of criminal justice services in relation to the issue.
Reference your textbook or other course readings to support your submission.

This policy analysis memorandum assignment should follow these formatting guidelines: minimum 1 page in length (excluding title
and reference pages), single spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA style. Cite your sources within the text of your
paper and on the reference page. Please use the Memorandum Template to complete this activity. MUST BE PLAGIARISM FREE!!!

The memo template is attached for your use


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