Living Well. Living Good and Cinderella’s Stepsisters Apply

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Unit 2: End Checkpoint Apply

Unit 2: End Checkpoint Apply

(Students are to pick one of the following task below to submit for a grade. Each task has a specific set of instructions that MUST be followed, in order to get full credit this assignment.)

Living Well. Living Good Apply

“Straw Into Gold” is titled after the unique situation with which the girl in “Rumplestiltskin” finds herself: being tasked with the impossible, turning common straw into precious gold. Cisneros uses this analogy throughout her essay to discuss how she has achieved her own seemingly impossible tasks.

Return to your journal and choose one of the ideas you brainstormed from Page 1 of this lesson, which included an experience and a lesson you learned.

For this Application, use what you learned from watching how Cisneros developed her analogy from Rumpelstiltskin to create an analogy that will help develop the idea you chose from your brainstorming.

In less than 200 words, answer these questions for your application in a paragraph:

  • What experience in your life will your Reflective Essay discuss?
  • What did you learn from that experience?
  • What analogy will you use to develop this lesson within your essay?

Note: Remember that an analogy is a comparison, so you will need to tell me both what the lesson is (achieving the impossible in my own life) and what you are relating it to (spinning straw into gold).

Some good ideas include: Fairy tales or fables, Shakespearean quotes or characters, myths, classic films, etc.

This is a pre-writing activity that will help you plan for a successful Reflective Essay. Use the guidance in your textbook to go ahead and write the essay you planned. You should complete the essay, but you should only turn in your 200 -word discussion of your analogy.

Respond Through Writing Page

Unit 2: End Checkpoint Apply

Unit 2: End Checkpoint Apply

Cinderella’s Stepsisters Apply

For the Application, think back to “Straw Into Gold,” the essay you read in lesson 3. In that essay, Cisneros used an analogy to the fairy tale Rumplistiltskin to help make her point. In the essay “Cinderella’s Stepsisters,” Morrison uses a similar technique by discussing how Cinderella’s Stepsisters treated her as a basis for a larger argument about how women treat one another. In less than 150 words, compare and contrast how Cisneros and Morrison used their analogies. In what ways did they use the technique the same? How did they use them differently?

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