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Please see my rough draft attached along with my professors comments. Please use my attached ROUGH DRAFT as the baseline for the paper (My professors comments / notes or critiques are listed within the rough draft)

The Unit 5 Assignment instructions are attached also. Please follow those to the letter.


  • Make certain all pieces of the assignment (instructions attached) are included AND they are in this order, the standard order for business documents:
    • Cover memo or letter directed to your decision-maker telling them you are now submitting the final draft of your researched proposal, and that you appreciate their time in reviewing your proposal. Do NOT NOT NOT give me anything that says you are asking for permission to conduct research. Your research is done. Update the cover document to accurately reflect your work.
    • Cover page – directed to your decision-maker NOT to me
    • Table of contents – must be present and accurate. Take time to learn how to use Word’s table of contents feature so it’s a tidy page with page numbers that line up!
    • Introduction in the form of an executive summary – make it VERY clear in your Executive Summary what the problem is that you are addressing, AND your solution. Put the Bottom Line On Top. Remember it is an executive summary because often it is the only part of the paper the executive reads. Make it strong. And yes, I know it feels as if you are repeating yourself. That is okay. Repetition happens in business documents because readers often jump around and only take time to read one or two sections.
    • Body of the proposal – single spaced with double spaces between paragraphs; headers to guide your reader
    • Conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution
    • Reference page. APA calls it References. Do not call it Works Cited or Bibliography or Sources.
    • Use APA format to cite your references, AND make sure that all sources cited on your references page are cited in the body of your paper using APA formatted in-text citations.
    • At LEAST five sources! This is a researched proposal. You must provide sources to support your proposal idea. Failure to meet this requirement will substantially reduce your grade. You must have at LEAST ONE peer reviewed journal article.
    • ALL of your sources MUST be referenced using in-text parenthetical citations in the body of your proposal to show the reader how each source was used. If the source is on your reference page there MUST be a corresponding in-text citation..
    • Do NOT cite Weiss or Flood as sources. These are references that support your writing. They are NOT resources that support the proposal idea you are presenting.
    • Limit your use of these tired, over-used words: very, really, quite, a lot. Challenge yourselves to come up with something better, stronger, more descriptive.
    • Include your original graphic to support your proposal.

Other Critical Points!

  • Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic source. Do NOT use it.
  • APA organizes sources alphabetically by the first word in the entry. Do NOT number your sources.
  • Format your references page using a hanging indent. Title your References page “References.”
  • Do NOT show a range of pages on your Table of Contents page – just the starting page
  • End punctuation goes AFTER the parenthetical (Flynn, 2016).
  • Get out the typographical errors. I still see many.
  • Meet the word count on your final draft. 2500-3000 words is inclusive of everything from cover page through to references. I will exclude appendices if they are supporting information, not critical to the proposal itself. I see some proposals short of the word count range, and some that are far beyond it. The word count is a mandate, not a recommendation!
  • Don’t enter page numbers or headers manually – use Word’s wonderful built-in page number insertion feature.
  • Learn how to use Word’s heading function for building your table of contents. It’s a wonderful tool and works well.
  • Plagiarism. Don’t do it. It violates academic integrity and Kaplan policy. And you will have to live with the knowledge that you tried to pass off the work of someone else as your own. Ugh. Oh, and note my word “tried.” Rest assured plagiarism is easily detected. When I find it, you earn a “0” for the assignment. Ouch. Oh, and I report it to the University. Double ouch. And finally, ignorance is NOT a defense. You have been provided with a wealth of information on citing sources and avoiding plagiarism. Your decision to ignore those sources is not an excuse.

Remember, Do NOT quote excessively. No more than 15% of your TOTAL word count can be direct quote. If I find a very high percentage of direct quote, your grade will suffer. I want to know what YOU think about the topic, not what your references think. Your voice should be the loudest. Use references to support what YOU have to say.

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