gen499 week 1 discussion 1 RESPONSE j.t.

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Compare and contrast your reasons why general education courses are important with that of your peers’ reasons and rationale. Each participation post should be a minimum of 75 words.

There are so many reasons for students to be required to take general education classes that it can be hard to settle on so few and the information can be a bit overwhelming. One reason would be to enhance the communication skills of a student. As students enter the workforce they are going to be required to communicate, be it written or orally. By taking general courses, this will help develop communication skills that will enable the student to not only communicate their thoughts but help to mentor or teach others how to do so as well. This can make them more effective leaders.

I feel that another reason is to develop critical thinking skills and mental agility. I have learned from taking classes at different levels and different subjects one right after another how to adjust to new subjects and styles of teaching. These skills can help to prepare students for the job market that is starting to want more diversified skill sets. And according to Seraphin (2017), job seekers need to know a lot more than just the basic skills required to work within their fields.

Finally, I feel that general education classes teach an essential skill of multiculturalism. In our country we are not all the same nor do we all have the same demographic. By learning through general educations, we are all able to get a better idea of other people’s cultures and the diversity that we will encounter outside of high school. Interacting with different people, be it in a classroom or online, in multiple subjects can foster a more open mind set, which can lead to more free-flowing ideas and greater understanding of our country’s diversity. This can make for better citizens as well as better employees.

I have learned a great deal from my classes while pursuing my education. In psychology I have learned what can motivate people to perform in different ways. This is in no way an all-inclusive statement, but it has helped me to be more empathic to the people around me at work, which has in turn helped make me a more understanding and approachable leader. Secondly, I have learned from my Cultural Diversity class how different people live to include race and religion. I live in an area that lacks diversity, there are very few that are different, and this class has helped me to see how other people may look at things and has prepared me for a more diverse work environment. Thirdly, Principles of Macroeconomics has taught me how the economy is intertwined with the rest of the world. I understood the basics of economics, but this class really gave me a broader understanding of how our country’s economy effects other countries.


Seraphin, C. (2017). General Education Requirements: What’s the Point? Retrieved from

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