Three specific differences that existed between the northern / southern colonies between 1600-1700’s, history homework help

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Later in this course, the course text will note that in the mid-1800s “competing visions of two separate cultures for the future destiny of the United States were at stake” (409). Those two separate cultures consisted of the northern United States and the southern United States. As this course proceeds, you will see how differences between the two regions evolved, but those differences did not develop overnight. As early as the beginnings of the colonial era, the North and the South were already experiencing different kinds of life and building different kinds of societies. Indicate three distinct specific differences that existed between the northern colonies and the southern colonies during the colonial era of the 1600s and early to mid-1700s. For each difference be clear in specifically describing what was occurring in the North, what was occurring in the South, and how these differed. Also, for each difference indicate what ramifications the difference might have had. In other words, explain how each difference might have led to further distinctions in the future or might have had particular important political, economic, or cultural significance within relationships between the two regions.

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