Sociology – Power of Socialization Interview, law homework help

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In a 1-2 page essay, based on your interview and your personal
experience, discuss the role that individual played as an agent of
socialization and explain how that individual affected your
socialization and your values, beliefs, or goals. In your essay, include
at least one direct quote from your interview and use at least three
concepts from the Module 01 or Module 02 content; highlight these
concepts in boldface. Examples of concepts include primary and secondary
groups, gender socialization, re-socialization, social class, roles,
in-group, out-group, looking-glass self, group conformity, achieved or
ascribed status, norms, values, and so forth.

Include a brief introductory paragraph as well as a concluding
paragraph that sums up your key points. Do not write in a question and
answer format, rather summarize and analyze your interview in narrative
form. Make sure your paper is in APA format, double-spaced, with a title

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