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In a couple of paragraphs each, answer four of the following for 25 points each. You will have to April 26 to turn this in on time. You will be docked 10% (points) for each day late. Turn-it-in will be used to check plagiarized submittals. So be sure you do not plagiarize. If you have questions about plagiarism consult the green sheet. Plagiarized projects will not be accepted if the score is 20% or above and reveals pervasive plagiarism. Source: (Links to an external site.) for state; (Links to an external site.), for city of San Jose.

  1. Describe and analyze the way the CSU system is funded by the state of California. How is the way the CSU is funded affected by partisan politics and interest groups?
  2. Describe and analyze the initiative process in making laws in the state of California. Does the initiative process lead to more transparency in the way California is governed or is it overly influenced by the power of partisan politics, interest groups, and money?
  3. Describe and analyze how ONE of the following (Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Attorney-General, State Comptroller, Secretary of State, and Superintendent of Public Instruction) is chosen; the duties of the office; term limits; and how the office holder can be removed from office before his or her term is up.
  4. Describe and analyze how state legislative districts are chosen. Is the way California draws up state legislative districts fair or is it “gerrymandering”? If it is not fair, how might California do a better job of reapportionment.
  5. Describe and analyze how the following are elected, their tasks, their terms in office, and how they can be removed from office prior to their terms’ ending: Mayor and City Council members in San Jose.

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