Discussion: ISIS Destruction of Artifacts, art & design homework help

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Watch the video

AND read the article https://newrepublic.com/article/121324/isis-destro…

After watching the video and reading the article answer the following questions:

1-What is your initial reaction to the destruction of ancient artifacts? Explain.

2-Do you think the destruction of such artifacts should be a topic of concern during war times? Explain.

And reply two student reply

1.My initial reaction is a sad one because there is no reason to do that just because of your religion, there is irreparable loss of antiquities, this affect in the origin of every civilized people because these antiquities represent the creation of civilization.
I do think that destruction of such artifacts should be a topic of concern but not during war times, during war times there a lot of human lives that cannot be replicated or recovered also the war bring several problems to a country, like economy problems, etc. So, I think that during war times people should not focus on that.

2.Oh, wow. This video was not what I was expecting. I was honestly heartbroken at all the destruction. No one has the right to damage any ancient artifact.

Members in ISIS are to worship Allah and Allah only. Although the destruction was not morally right, they didn’t see the harm in it because they don’t know any better. If something doesn’t worship Allah, it is to be destroyed.

Although they were “protecting” their beliefs, they also destroyed what was said to be the prophet Jonah’s tomb. Some believe that Jonah lived and actually was a prophet which is harming to other people’s beliefs. But to ISIS, I don’t think it was even a question or not to destroy it because it didn’t honor their god.

I think the destruction of artifacts can be mentioned during war times, but when war times come around, artifacts are most likely one of the last things on people’s mind because they are concerned about other things.


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