Hamlet Power Point Stage Design, 1 Scene

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Using Hamlet’s Act 3 Scene 4 (http://shakespeare.mit.edu/hamlet/hamlet.3.4.html ) Go through the text and decide–based on what you know about Shakespeare and about Elizabethan staging–how you would stage it. Where would you place the characters? How would they enter and exit? (This is called “blocking.”) What props would you need? Would you need any special effects? Remember that you may not use any form of technology not available in the Globe Theatre or in the Blackfriars during Shakespeare’s time. Make it clear how you are engaging with the dialogue, and remember the architecture of the Globe Theatre as well. You may wish to review the The Globe and Shakespearean Staging videos for ideas, or any additional resources I have provided.

Submit your staging. You may use Powerpoint, or write up your staging in text in a Word document. I prefer Powerpoint, if you are comfortable with it; it is very good for demonstrating simple movements. I’ve provided a simple template for you to use, but writing it up is fine. Attach your staging as a file and submit as you have other assignments.

IMPORTANT: Remember—you MAY NOT use technology unavailable to Shakespeare and Shakespeare’s company. You MUST deal with the limitations of Renaissance staging—no dry ice, no mirror balls, no lighting effects. Re-read that last sentence. There are also no fog machines, and they did not have scenery: large props, such as a bed, yes, but nothing that just sat there. There are no painted backdrops, and there are no curtains that can close. You cannot do “close ups,” so there is no point in describing facial expressions, and there is no point to describing the mood of the characters. Focus on where the characters come in from, where they move, what props they need, what they do, and where they go.

Using technology not available at the Globe or the Blackfriars will have a negative effect on your grade, so make an effort to get this right.


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