Identifying the Main Components of Crime, Assignment 3.1 help

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of a paralegal’s job is to research the law. Therefore, it is important
for you to be familiar with a major source of criminal law in the
United States-the Model Penal Code-and where to find the criminal laws
of your particular state. For this assignment, you will review a
scenario about a crime and research and compare the criminal laws of
your state, the Model Penal Code, and another student’s assigned state.


Miller got into an argument with security personnel at O’Malley’s bar
early on May 21st after they denied him entry because he was under age.
Justin attacked a bouncer in the parking lot, slashing him with a sharp
object. The bouncer suffered severe lacerations to the top of his head,
right side of his face, and left side of his neck, causing permanent


1. Using the
Internet, research the main components of a crime in the state you live

2. In a new Microsoft Word document:

• Provide the citation for your state’s criminal assault statute.

• List the degrees of assault as set forth in your assigned state’s criminal code.

• For second-degree assault, list the elements required under the law for your assigned state.

• Briefly describe the general components of a crime.

• What is the required actus reus and mens rea under your state’s statute for second-degree assault?

From the crime scenario presented above, identify the facts that
support each element of second-degree assault as defined by the statute
for your assigned state. What elements, if any, are missing or are
incomplete based on the facts presented?

• Describe the charges you think should be brought against Justin Miller and provide your rationale.

Conduct an Internet search using a search engine and find the Model
Penal Code Section 211.1 definition of assault. List the elements of
assault in the second degree from the Model Penal Code.

5. Your document must be 1 to 2 pages long, double-spaced, set in 12-point type, and framed with 1-inch margins.

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