Marketing Fact-Sheet

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  1. Marketing Fact-Sheet (20% of final grade)
  2. Purpose of Assignment: The marketing fact sheet that you create in this assignment using research-based data will be an important tool for you to use to market the APN role. You can provide copies to prospective employers, bankers approached for small business loans, news reporters, your mother, patients, policy wonks – you get the idea. Make the facts sing for you – be creative! You will learn how to work these research facts into your everyday conversations, much to the dismay of your close friends.Assignment: Develop a 3-4 page summary (minimum) of key RESEARCH findings regarding the process and outcomes of advanced nursing practice (select one (1) specific APN role- nursing leaders, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, etc.). (Do NOT use articles about the APN role or describing the role. Find specific research articles OR the entire article will be deducted for 10 points.) Provide bulleted points of key findings with additional research information (e.g., sample size, sample health status, healthcare setting,specific outcomes, etc). You must provide enough specific information about the study so the research findings are not vague and they can be understood in context (see example below). Provide appropriate citations for each finding. Use complete sentences.


  • – Minimum of 10 separate PRIMARY research articles regarding APN practice must be cited (using APA format)
  • Articles must be turned in with the paper and will be returned to you if requested. (You may burn a CD with the articles or upload electronic copies unto a zip drive as an option to turn in or provide DOI with link in uploaded copy)
  • – Majority of key points must focus on patient outcomes related to APN practice (e.g., patient satisfaction, reduced incidence of hospitalization, improved health status, etc.)
  • – Also include focus on quality of care and cost-effectiveness of APN care (You must have articles that address these outcomes also.)
  • – You will lose points for bullet points that are too vague or too limited to be able to “understand” the study
  • – You will also lose points if you write a narrative paper. This is NOT a regular paper.
  • – Consider drawing the conclusion for the reader for each article or finding (see examplebelow).

An example of brief overview of an article that addresses outcomes:

– A large randomized study of 3000 adult patients in public clinics was conducted in NYC. Patients were managed by NPs and physicians for six months measuring physiologic variables for HTN, diabetes, and asthma outcomes. Measures of A1C, BP, and asthma exacerbations resulted in essentially no difference in outcomes between the two provider groups indicating competency of the NPs to manage these chronic illnesses as well as physicians (Mundinger, et al, 2000).

Marketing Fact-Sheet Rubric (20 points)

(YOU must indicate which topic below is addressed by EACH study or you will lose points. List the topic as a SEPARATE HEADING prior to the presentation of the bullet points for that article.)

Outcomes of care
Quality of care provided
Cost-effectiveness of care (must have at least 2 articles here)

Format, grammar, appearance, creativity (If the paper is too poorly written to read, there will be a 5 point deduction that cannot be redeemed). Please use the university writing center for consultation if you are not a strong writer prior to submitting the paper.

Articles should be current within the past 5-7 years. The studies do not have to be in your specialty area but you should try to find these as they will beefit you more. International studies are not as powerful because of different healthcare systems and different cultures but can be used if necessary to count as 1-2 articles.

Be sure you have selected research articles—you must have the article with the primary findings, not a secondary mention.



APA format

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