Political philosophy thoughts

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Peolitical Science/Philosophy 52

Topic: Your Political Commentary

In the course of a brief paper you are being asked to present your informed

and reasoned opinion on any political issue.

Some Possible Topics(These are merely suggestions)

What are your thoughts on Black Lives Matter?

Are there major differences between the Democratic and Republican parties?

Does the United States have a ruling class?

Is there an inevitable conflict between the United States and China?

Is Iran a threat to the U. S. ?

For how long should U. S. troops remain in Afghanistan?

What role, if any, should the U. S. play in Syria?

What is the political message of a movie that you have seen?

Does the president have too much power, not enough power, or just enough?

Will there ever be a unified Korea?

Is affordable health care a right?

Should talk show hosts be free to say anything that they want to say?

What would comprehensive immigration reform look like?

Does religion have any place in politics?

What do you think about the Tea Party?

What do you think about the role of money in politics?

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

What should be the immediate political response to climate change?

What should be the long term political response to climate change?

Should legislators vote according to public opinion or their own judgement?

Does the media merely reflect reality?

What does being a feminist mean to you?

What is next for the LGBT Movement?

How might the concept of “the other” help us understand our society today?

How might an anarchist respond to the criticism that their ideology is impractical?

How might a pacifist respond to the same criticism?

What is your core political value?

What was your most important political experience?

write what interested you.

Points To Ponder

It is ok to express your feelings on an issue but the primary focus should be your thoughts It is not necessary to have a strong opinion. If you think that “there are two sides to the story”. Then that is your opinion.

You will not be graded down for having an opinion different from mine. In fact one of the reasons I want to hear your opinions is to help me to clarify my own. While this is not an English class you should make every effort to express yourself as clearly as possible.

This is not a research paper, thus you do not need to consult numerous sources or provide detailed footnotes. However, if your ideas are drawn from a particular source you should say so. Any direct quotations should be referenced.


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