Week 8 DQ 1 – Response to fellow classmate – Ronad Smith, psychology homework help

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Integral theory is a look at the whole person and how they fit into the world. The basic premise is that the person has four areas that need to be looked at in order to better serve that person (Marquis, 2007) Each quadrant adds to but should not take away from explaining a phenomenon that is taking place for the person. So of course spiritual state of awareness should be included because it defines the person as a whole. You would not want to tell a young Jewish person that to help with problems you pray to Jesus because this is not a connection to the person you are talking. I think overall the integral theory recognizes that we are all the same with differences, vice all difference with similarities. I always try to connect to what a group has in common instead of trying to cater to each difference; however, when you deal with people one on one, you must consider the diversity of the person in order to fully understand and help a person have a better fulfilled life. I think the integral theory lines up with the Christian worldview because we are all the same as we are all made in God’s image. We all should strive to have a relationship with the Father. I feel many times people have a hole in their life that can only be filled by a relationship with God. People often try to fill this hole with other things which in the end will sometimes cause problems. If the spiritual state exist in persons, than the person must have a healthy spiritual life to ensure other areas such as mind and body are functioning more properly.

Please respond to the above question using 250 words. Please also use at least 1 reference that is from a peer reviewed article or journal not a website reference. Please also cite the reference in APA 6th edition format.


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