Defining Goals

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The Define phase of DMAIC is the first stage towards establishment of the most ultimatum decision. The fact is that a problem does exist at Phone Systems Inc. The problem at hand is trying to determine the branch of the company in the US whose closure would have the least detrimental impacts on the customer, employees and all other relevant stakeholders of the company. This decision has to be made as fast as possible to pave way for plans to establish a branch of the company in India. The decision to establish a branch in India is already made and there is no question about it.

A comprehensive stakeholder analysis of this situation can help evaluate the impacts of a decision on the different parties at Phone Systems Inc. In this conflict, there are the primary stakeholders. These include the employees and customers of this company, those that would be directly affected by the decision that would be made. Secondary stakeholders include the intermediaries, perhaps the relatives of the employees that shall have been rendered jobless as a result of the closure. Key stakeholders are those like the governments of India or USA whose influence on the decision is as well of a critical importance as the primary and secondary stakeholders.

According to (Turner, et al 2002) this analysis should involve a process that identifies, assesses awareness, and leads to best strategies of communication while assessing the satisfaction of all stakeholders in the project to abandon the attitude of supporting or opposing without a distinctive reason of worth. Use of statistics could provide a justifiable reason for the actions/ decisions made by the company. The need to expand the customer base to a global oriented venture could help market the company in the global scene.

The best decision would be to close the Minneapolis site and open a new site in India. Taking into account that this site is one of the two oldest sites of the company, its insignificant progress in performance delivery is worrying. Compared to the sites at Tampa, FL and San Antonio, TX which were established much later, this site has failed in service delivery, even after going through a major restructuring in 2013. Setting a new site in India could help utilize the Minneapolis resources better.

The reason behind this decision is because of the poor performance of this site even though it is the second oldest establishment of the company. Secondly, closure of Syracuse, NY site is not advisable as it is the world headquarters of the company. San Antonio site is largely profit making and is critical for economic sustainability of Phone Systems Inc. Statistical survey of the Tampa site shows that it has highest rating of employee survey. Business decisions calls for a detailed analysis of a situation to come with most effective decision for the benefit of company. Such decisions must surpass personal interests of individual stakeholders within the organization.

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Weathington, B. L., Cunningham, C. J. L., & Pittenger, D. J. (2012). Understanding business research. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons.

Phone Systems, INC is my current company. The above is from my discussion board for reference. My mod 2 assignenment is also attached if needed.

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