Introduction to occupational therapy

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1. What is a developmental delay?

2. What are some medical/health conditions that can cause a developmental delay?

3.Define and describe the basic philosophy/belief of family-centered care?

4. Describe and give an example of how an OT practitioner may use consultation when providing

intervention to infants, children or adolescents.

5. Describe and give an example of how an OT practitioner may use education when

providing intervention to infants, children or adolescents.

6. List at least 4 important factors OT practitioners shouldconsider when developing home programs?

7. Choose one of the age groups listed below, then completeletters a-e below:

infancy – 0-1 year

early childhood – 1-6 years

late childhood – 6-12 years

adolescence – 12-20 years

Complete the following by referring to the textbook and the OT Practice Framework – Areas of occupation

a. Choose two (2) areas of occupation (same for all age groups)

b. List three (3) developmental tasks that would be expected in each age group.

c. Name two (2) roles that a person can have within each age group related to the areas of occupation (hint: roles that the child can have, infants cannot be parents).

d. List two (2) rights and/or responsibilities characteristic of each of the roles you listed.

e. Describe the importance of the occupation of play for the age group you selected childhood.

8. What are some of the typical challenges adolescents deal with? How are these challenges/issues the same or different in adolescents with disabilities?

9. Describe two key pieces of legislation that have influenced the practice of occupational therapy especially with children.

10. Name 3 settings where OTs may work with children oradolescents. Give an example of something an OT may work on with a child or adolescent in each setting. 1. Describe a situation in which you have observed a person being discriminated against based on his/her disability.

2. Describe a movie or television show that you have seen that depicts the roles and activities of infants, children and/or adolescents. (The movie or show does not have to deal with a specific disability) Please identify the title of the movie or show and the age group that was shown. You do not need to explain the entire story line. However, describe how this movie or show depicted the roles and tasks of the age group and how it can influence opinions, societal attitudes, and environmental barriers and/or supports about the age group.

3. Find one resource for children with disabilities or their parents and describe what support this resource offers. You may use web-based resources, community resources, or other. Provide information about how a person could learn more about this resource (make sure to cite your source).

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