PHIL110 discussion

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Goal: Reflect on how different professions use critical thinking.

Hopefully, you all have this by now, please post to the thread provided.


All professions use critical thinking to get the job done. No matter who you are or what job you have, every day brings problems that need to be rectified using critically thinking.

– Go the Program Guide in the APUS Library and find your program or the program you intend to study. If you are working toward a general studies degree or cannot find your exact program guide, see if you can find one that is close. If you are unable to do that, then just talk about your job or profession.

– Think of a problem that occurs or might occur in that profession and describe the critical thinking steps that would need to be taken to remediate or resolve the problem. Consider how the person determines the problem, the information needed, tools, options, and possible outcomes, as well as criteria used to make the decision.

– While completing the forum consider the Week 4 trigger questions.

How does critical thinking differ in varied professions?

How does critical thinking in an emergency room compare with that in a court room?

How do professions arrive at their

decision-making strategies?

What does a good argument look like?

What is a thesis statement?

How does evidence relate to a thesis statement?

What can you learn from reading an essay written by an expert in a field?

How is such an essay reviewed?

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