short response hw

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Answer both A&B separately by advancing the discussion and/ or by adding value.

A.) 1. I have a client that is homeless, elderly, needs medical attention, addicted, mental issues and legal problems.

2. Mental evaluation, Medical screen, Homeless program, Elder legal advocacy, Rehab.

3. First I would interview the client to learn what services he could be eligible for based what sevices he is eligible for (Medicare, Veterans administration, state, county and federal programs).

Next I would set him up for a medical screen and mental evaluation going through channels and writing out referrals and contacting the people who are contracted with my agency.

4. I might have problems with eligibility or not enough services or places

“If a client needs services that an agency does not provide, then it is the case manager’s responsibility to locate such resources in the community, arrange for the client to make use of them, and support the client in using them. These are the three basic activities in coordinating delivery of human services. In coordinating services, the case manager engages in linking, monitoring, and advocating while adding to on the assessment and planning that have taken place in earlier phases of case management. The case manager continues to build on client strengths or emphasize client empowerment within the context of the client’s cultural background and basic values” Woodside and McClam, 2018 pg. 320)

Marianne Woodside and Tricia McClam, Cengage Learning 20 Channel Center Street Boston, MA 02210

B.) A possible client that may be a seventeen year old who just found out she is pregnant. The pregnancy is frowned upon by her parents. She is unsure what to do and is unsure of all the options available to her. The case manager may then decide to refer the client to an agency that specializes in unplanned teen pregnancy. The agency will have counselors to aid the client in deciding what option works best for her. A a case manager I would call the agency with the client sitting there with me. I would introduce myself and give a brief explanation of the clients situation and state that she needs information to determine the best option for her. If possible with the client there I would set up an appointment and write all the information down for the client.

There are three reasons that a referral may fail. First is that the case manager has identified the problem but is unable to understand the clients feelings about the problem (Woodside & McClam, 2018). Second is that the case manager may lack knowledge on the resources available and may refer client to a resource that is not beneficial to the client. Lastly is that the case manager may misjudge the clients ability to actually follow through with going to meet with the referral. There are ways that these failures can be avoided. First is to fully assess the clients capabilities. Then the case manager needs to know what their exact role is when making referrals.

Woodside, M. and McClam, T. (2018). Generalist case management: A method of human service delivery (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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