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Analytical Essay (3000 words MAX)

How useful is the idea of an ‘attention economy’ in understanding the current relationship between business, the media and audiences/consumers? You should consider both the strengths and possible weaknesses of the concept (for example, whether it places sufficient emphasis on sustaining attention rather than simply gaining it). Your answer should discuss specific real-world examples.

Show your understanding of these elements:

1. Business environment, media landscape and consumer culture

2. Proponents and opponents of the idea of an ‘attention economy’ (see more in “The Persuaders”)

3. The use of celebrities and fashion style in promotional culture (concrete examples)

4. Differences between gaining and sustaining attention (publicity vs. relationship marketing)

Criteria for marking:

1. Fluent, scholarly style of writing

Demonstrate an ability to structure and phrase your writing to clearly advance an argument. You need an introduction, then substantive points of argument leading to a conclusion. Use short paragraphs, and start a new paragraph each time you move on to a new idea. Write plainly using strong, direct verbs and avoiding colloquial language. Avoid clichés and vague phrases.

2. Understanding of the issues discussed

Reflect on why ‘attention’ is a relevant concept. Explain why it might operate as an economy. Recognise that ‘attention economy’ is a theoretical model that can be challenged. Ask whether the ‘attention economy’ model has any limitations, or ignores some aspects of celebrity and fashion promotional culture

3. Critical engagement with the readings

Summarise their key arguments to demonstrate you understand them. Draw connections between them: compare and contrast them. Form your own critical assessment of them.

4. Use of evidence

Support your argument with evidence from the readings and from more extensive research. Do key scholarly authors back up your ideas? Choose real-world examples that relate back to the readings (examples from a product, fashion brand, celebrity, movie, TV show, etc.) Add your own observations and insights about what these examples show about gaining and sustaining attention.

5, Use of scholarly references

Choose scholarly references and resources that are relevant to this area of study. No Wikipedia, no random blog posts. Find the most authoritative academic sources, and treat them as a field of inquiry. Make connections between them.

6. Consistency and accuracy of citation and referencing

Demonstrate a consistent citation style that accurately identifies the works cited. Use in-text citations to show where ideas and information have come from. Understand the difference between direct quoting, paraphrasing and original analysis. Your reference list needs to include all the works mentioned in the text in alphabetical order by author surname, and specify all their publication details.

Tip: you can use articles which i have attached, also you can use other articles. please use
Harvard style.You could not use Facebook or Twitter as examples, you should use more specific things as examples, such as Kim kardashian was robbed in Paris. The words limit is 2500-3000.

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