Book review for media effect (you choose a book about media) (3-5 pages)

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You choose a book about media and write this paper. Then if you find the book online please give me the website that i can check it. If not online, please give me the name of the book and take picture about the book that i can find it. Thank you!

Do not plagarism!!!! You JUST allow use 1 reference. But you can use same meaning, just change you words to write about that.

  • Topic of the book:media effects or impact on society, groups, institutions or individuals. While that may not be the main point of the book, it should involve a significant portion of the content.
  • The body of the paper should include
    • brief description of the thesis, contents, key concepts
    • your evaluation of the book — did you like it? Why? Why not?
    • assessment of it’s applicability to the course? What did you learn that compliments or supplements what we have studies/or will study in the course?
    • recommendation: Would you recommend this book to other students in the course? Why? Why not?
    • Should the contents of this book be added to lecture materials or assigned reading? Why? Why not?
  • Length: Three to five pages typed. (10 Arial or 12 pt. Times New Roman or equivalent)
  • Title/ID: I need the following information at the top of the paper
    • Author
    • Date of Publication
    • Title
    • Publisher
    • ISBN#
  • Good writing style is expected including
    • spelling, syntax, grammar
    • beginning, middle, end
    • logical flow of information and other content
    • YourLastName,FirstName,Course–Assignment-Semester-Year (Example: Smith,John314BookRev-F10.rtf )

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