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Starting with the Encounter_Data.xlsx [A] (the data elements of a non-ophthalmologic encounter), isolate data elements relevant to glaucoma screening (Prum, Lim et al; p P120-122) that are missing from [A] and add them to the appropriate sections in [A]. Again, keep in mind that generalists will not be performing ophthalmologic tests or examinations other than basic visual-acuity testing (therefore, these are NOT to be included in your modifications to [A]. Summarizing:

  • Highlight those items that are already in [A] that are relevant to POAG screening (mark by changing background color to yellow)
  • Add relevant items to [A] that are not ophthalmology-specific (ie. that require examination by special ophthalmologic diagnostic tools) data items and highlight them (mark by changing background color to green).
  • If there are specific rules that identify a value within a field that as a risk factor in screening, put the rule into the “Rule?” column:

a.Example: IF AGE GT 40, THEN <Highlight>

b.NB: There is no “AGE” datum in the Encounter Form. How would this be addressed? (Use the DF if you are confused)

Part 2:

Answer the following questions:

  • What is the clinical purpose of making the changes in [A]?
  • What are specific risk factors associated with POAG NOT related to ophthalmologic-specific measures or tests?
  • What are specific items that will be highlighted in [A] associated with POAG that are part of:
  • Given the discussion by Lim and Goldberg, what are other interventions that the collective practices can undertake to improve timely detection of glaucoma within their patient population/community and how might they implement these interventions?

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