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The DSM-5 supports consideration of the effects of cultural variables on the diagnostic process. In this assignment, you will identify and describe potential cross-cultural issues affecting diagnosis and provide culturally sensitive treatment recommendations and risk assessment. In addition, in your response, you will provide an accurate diagnostic profile, which includes your diagnostic rationale.


  • Review the following case:
  • On the basis of your review, provide a summary of the relevant diagnostic information that could be included in the cultural formulation interview (CFI). Within your summary, do the following:
    • Explain why you, as a counselor, should consider cultural variables as part of the intake process.
    • Describe how culture can influence diagnosis and treatment.
    • Explain how you would address the issue of not understanding aspects of a client’s culture during the intake assessment.
  • Finally, create a comprehensive diagnostic profile with treatment recommendations. Be sure to also address any ethical considerations pertaining to risk assessment.

You can find a copy of the cultural formulation interview (CFI) questions in Section III of your DSM-5.

Your final product should be a 3- to 4-page paper written in APA format. Utilize a minimum of three scholarly sources. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and organized manner. Demonstrate ethical scholarship in the accurate representation and attribution of sources and display accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and references.

Submission Details:

  • By the due date assigned, save your document as M6_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc and submit it to the Submissions Area.

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