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Type answers to the following three questions in a word processor, then save and attach at the bottom. Please save in the following formats only: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), PDF (.pdf) Open Office (.ods), or text (.txt). I can’t read anything else and your paper will be late if you don’t get it in on time in the proper format!

Your answers should be about 2 double spaced paragraphs per answer. Please use 12 point font, 1″ margins, and BE SURE to put your name and “Assigment #2” on the paper so you can get credit.

Late papers are worth only 10 points MAXIMUM. This means you lose 15 points right off the top before I even grade your paper. So be sure to check due dates for assignments and turn them in on time.

1. What is social control theory? What are the causes of crime in this theory? Explain what Hirschi meant by a bond, and the four parts of the bond.

2. What is the difference between power, anger and sadistic types of rape? Also, what are the differences in the stranger rapist and the acquaintance rapist in terms of their motivations for their crimes?

3. Burglary and theft are two related but different crimes. What are the exact defintions of these crimes and how are they related. Give an example of a burglary that does not involve a theft.

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