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Respectfully comment on their points regarding this purpose, stating what you agree with and why, or by adding further relevant information or examples to support their point. 5 sentences or more.

Planning instruction is a stage that leads to another and eventually back to the first, which either begins or ends with assessment (Howard, 2015, Ch. 1.4). The planning instruction entails a beginning point and a plan to meet goals for a child. An assessment determines on what to teach, where to teach, and how to teach. This will provide a developmental benchmark for the child. The purpose of evaluation is to help with planning instruction to improve the quality of teaching. The detriments or problems that can happen with assessment is improper planning.It provides inaccuracy in measuring a child’s ability due to their lack of understanding or barriers that can conflict with a proper path for individual success.

According to Assessing Learning and Development in Young Children, the best way to begin assessments in children is to measure them by their behavior or traits. Example: Three-year-old Tiffany can sit during circle with no problem and is attentive to instruction but her fine motor skills have not fully developed. Sammy who is the same age is easily distracted by his peers and cannot sit for a period during circle. His motor skills have developed well than most of his classmates. Sammy yells when he cannot be understood, due to his lack of speech development. These two students, provide a beginning point towards a learning path that can be provided by the teacher’s planning and strategies that can meet the child’s goals.

The teacher determines where to begin with a child. A project is then created and referred to as a goal setting. Observations and gathered data can assist in determining if the plan is appropriate for the child. Benchmarks are used to provide a link towards curriculum and developmental growth for the child. A continuous progress assessment is critical for children that are not meeting their goals as this can affect growth development.

When assessment does not yield complete results, it is recommended to collect data from both summative and formative assessments, as this can help better understand a child’s progress. Parents are most likely to be the primary source that can provide valid information about the child.


Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E. (2015). Assessing learning and development in young children. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education

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