write a proposal (a brief paragraph)

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write a proposal that demonstrates how thre issues that are being discussed in the course will impacting you future career.

The course is Financial Analysis,Concepts and Applications

Course Description:

This course presents finance and accounting concepts as management tools. It covers financial theory and techniques involving time value of money, valuation, and risk measurement and students develop an understanding of a firm’s investment decisions and financing practices. The course also covers underlying concepts from accounting and their role in management and valuation, with additional topics from economics and statistics included as needed. Students gain a general understanding of financial and accounting concepts and principles as they relate to making basic management decisions for a firm in the areas of valuation, financial planning and investment.

Course Content:

The course material includes textbooks, some specialized current articles, and current podcasts among others. The major focus is to familiarize students with finance.

  • Overview of Financial Management and the Financial Environment
  • Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Time Value of Money
  • Bond, Bond Valuation, and Interest Rates
  • Risk and Return
  • Valuation of Stocks and Corporations
  • Financial Options and Applications in Corporate Finance
  • The Cost of Capital
  • The Basics of Capital Budgeting: Evaluating Cash Flows
  • Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis
  • Corporate Valuation and Financial Planning
  • Agency Conflict and Corporate Governance
  • Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and Repurchases
  • Capital Structure Decisions
  • Supply Chains and Working Capital Management
  • Multinational Financial Management

Course Goals/Objectives:

The objective of this course is to introduce the theory and practice of finance and in doing so, to gain an appreciation of the near universal applicability of the discipline. Issues of the macroeconomics environment; financial statements; time value of money; fixed income and equities securities; derivatives; the cost of capital; valuation; and capital structure, among others, will bring the student into the contemporary “finance conversation.”

Please note that a conceptual appreciation of the depth and breadth of issues, questions, complexity, and controversy surrounding each topical area is the ultimate goal of the student. A secondary objective is to provide the student the opportunity to think critically and evaluate arguments related to complex, real world finance issues. The final objective is to allow the student to actively engage in written and oral exchanges of contemporary financial problems with the goal of addressing multiple constituencies.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Definerelevant concepts and explain the environment by which a company act and function.
  • Demonstratean understanding of the basic foundation of finance and its instruments including bonds, stocks and its evaluation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of projects and its evaluation.
  • Demonstratean understanding of corporate valuation ad governance.
  • Demonstrateunderstanding of the risk management aspects.
  • Demonstratean understanding of capital structure.
  • Demonstratean understanding of the working capital management and cash management techniques.
  • Demonstratean understanding of the multinational financial management.


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