Finding Support (Types of Evidence) it is a quiz

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Read (or reread) the following essays in Chapter 7 of Elements of Argument, “Support,” and then answer the questions about each one.

  • Siddhartha Mukherjee, “I’m Sorry, Steve Jobs. We Could Have Saved You,” pp. 211-213
  • Jeremy Markel, “Marketing to ‘Tweens’ Objectifies Women,” pp. 222-224 (i provided them below)
    • 1- Identify at least two sources of information that Mukherjee
      uses in his essay entitled “I’m Sorry, Steve Jobs. We Could Have Saved
    • 2-
      What does Mukherjee use as evidence in his essay besides
      sources (or expert opinions)? Give examples from the essay of at least
      two other kinds of evidence that he uses (facts, examples, statistics,
      or even images).
    • 3-
      What is the overall goal of Mukherjee’s essay? How does the evidence that Mukherjee uses help him (or not) to achieve this goal?
    • 4-
      To which needs does the essay by Jeremy Markel, “Marketing
      to ‘Tweens’ Objectifies Women,” appeal? Where would you place Markel’s
      essay on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
    • 5-
      Which are the primary values that Markel appeals to? What
      does he assume that his audience values? Give examples that demonstrate
      your answers.
    • 6-
      Who does Markel use as sources (or expert opinions) in his essay? How do they help him make his argument?

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