Three Discussion Questions

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1.Refer to the Management Focus article “Starbucks Wins Key Trademark Case in China” to respond to the following:(Picture attached)

In your own words, discuss the concept of property rights protection and why it is so important to companies. What does the court ruling against Xing Ba Ke mean for other companies that are already doing business in China, or are considering entering the market? How important is the Chinese market to Starbucks? Does the presence of look-alike companies like Xing Ba Ke deter firms from entering the market?

(one page)

2. Which basic skills are most effective for leaders to build credibility and influence followers? List the top three based on your experiences. Give an example of a leader whom you believe has been effective in building credibility and influencing individuals.

3.What are the advantages and disadvantages of single- and dominant-business strategies, compared with those of firms with higher levels of diversification?

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