read a history chapter and write a response essay , history homework help

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You will be required to turn in three 3-page Response Papers about the assigned texts. The prompt for these writing assignments will be given in class a week before they are due. The strongest papers will also address relevant focus questions for the adjacent weeks and connect reading and lecture materials. I am much more interested in reading about your analysis and argument, supported by text evidence, than in reading summaries with fancy words.


-3 pages, double-spaced, reasonable font in size 12, 1” margins. If you turn in 3.25 pages, that’s okay. Do not turn in 4 pages. Do not turn in 2.5 pages.

-No works cited page. Use only materials from class (lecture and book)

-Typical citation style for historians is Chicago, not MLA or APA. In this class we are modifying that. For a book citation, just use (author, page #) like (Edwards, 18).

For citing lecture, use the lecturer’s name and date of the lecture (Cave-LaCoste, 7/28/17)

-The strongest papers will have an introduction paragraph of a few sentences that include an interesting hook (why I should care), introducing the relevant text, and a thesis statement that answers the questions of the prompt. A conclusion paragraph can be a few sentences that remind the reader of your overall argument

-Use body paragraphs to organize evidence that supports your argument. A 3-page paper will likely have 4-6 paragraphs including intro and conclusion.

Edwards sorts her chapters thematically, with topics like “Youth” and “Science” rather than a strict chronological telling. Pick one of these sections (ch. 2-11) for further study. What historical change does Edwards identify in that chapter? Who benefits most and least from that change? If you could add another themed chapter, what would it be about?

-“An Uneasy Peace: Legacies of the Civil War”



-voting rights

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