10 games activity plaining

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I need to write about 10 games each one under one category as you can see in the attached file. There is a specific format and example attached too.

I need it to be like the example and same format.

Each student will choose one activity for each of the following categories – arts and crafts, music, drama, active games, card games, ice breakers, relays, dance, nature/outdoors, and quiet games. Your activities can be for any age participant – choose activities for young children, school age children, teenagers and adults. You will need a total of 10 activities one for each category. Using the format below, prepare an activity plan for each activity. Be detailed, your peers should be able to read your instructions and know how to carry out the activity. It is suggested that you have a friend read the activity instructions. If they have questions and do not feel comfortable carrying out the activity, you may need more details on the plan.

There will be 10 blogs – one for each type of activity. Do not duplicate an activity that is already on the blog. Be sure to follow the suggestions and guidelines mentioned in class, and follow the format of the example activity plan provided.

Format for activity plan:

Title of activity

Participant information (number of participants needed, age, etc)

Time (total length of time needed for the activity)

Environment/facilities (physical environment-gym, woods, pool, lake, field, etc.)

Equipment and Supplies needed

Procedure (Step by step instructions with a clear beginning and end. For example, what is the starting formation for the participants, rules/instructions for completing the activity, how does the activity end – how long is the game played/how is a winner declared/ what is the expected product to be produced, include estimated time spans for each part of the activity)

Safety Considerations (special equipment such as safety scissors or nontoxic supplies

for young children, procedures or rules to provide save environment, etc.)


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