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Discussion Question:

Refer to article:

Commitment: A Cautionary Tale and provide an example of this issue which has happened to you.

XXX’s Post:

Cautionary Tale from an Organizational Perspective:

A cautionary tale in an organization can be defined as a fire alarm or a wake-up call that advises employees what not to do. They normally recount tales about employees who did the wrong thing and the outcomes that were endured as a result (Minuk, 2017).

The cautionary tale is usually structured in the form of a cause-effect analysis. It needs to be mentioned that the outcomes or setbacks of such wrongdoings might be for the individual who disrupted the guidelines, for their associates or even for the association. It might be in money-related terms, any social trouble, or some other means (Howard, 2018). The inspiration that prompted the employee to head for such an activity may likewise be mentioned in the tale (for instance being hasty, eager, obnoxious or imprudent).

Cautionary Tales additionally inform much regarding the work style and culture of the company. A story that prompts the individual who transgressed being extremely rebuffed sells out an order and-control culture, while the story that spotlights on the harm done to other individuals demonstrates an all the more socially-engaged association. Stories that discuss values and motivation elements help the employees gain knowledge into inspirations and expansive regions that are prohibited or disliked. Also, Cautionary Tales are critical & essential for the new recruits (Swartz, 2007).

Personal Example of a Cautionary Tale:

This cautionary tale was told to me by one of my colleagues during my induction period. One fine Friday afternoon, since there wasn’t much work to do and I was in the weekend mood, I requested a few of my colleagues to head out for lunch. Everyone agreed and soon the five of us went to a nearby sports bar to gather a sumptuous meal. While ordering food, I wanted to order some booze along as well. Hearing my order, one of my colleagues at the table paused me frantically. On asking the reason for the same, he narrated the tale of the two interns. They were some bright minded management graduate who was interning with our company and had clear chances of being converted into final recruits. One beautiful day, they went for lunch & came back drunk. Things went wrong when they were caught drunk by their direct manager. Even after several apologies, the manager went out to complain the same to the Human Resources Team. Eventually, not only were they suspended for a week but also their pre-placement offers got canceled. Thus, the entire office now believes in work hard and party harder, but only after work.


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