5 pages of argumentative essay

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This essay will be about you agree with having semis in the US, and you will need to explain what makes you agree. In paragraph 2, you need 2 counters related each to 2 out of 3 of the body paragraphs.

The last individual paper in this class will evolve around the issue of gun control. We will look into the cases on American gun laws that provide both liberal and conservative arguments. We will also look at the history of gun laws in America, Supreme Court cases, and trending arguments.
This essay is an argumentative essay. You are going to have to argue for less or for more gun control in the United States. Because this is an argumentative essay, you will need to provide a concession addressing the opposing view of your own argument. Your essay will have the following structure

P1, introduction,

P2, concession: need 2 counters related to each of the 2 out of 3 body paragraphs below.

P3, 1st body paragraph

P4, 2nd body paragraph

P5, 3rd body paragraph

(Contents of each of the 2 body paragraphs should be related the counters.)

Just focus on why you agree and topic sentence you chose and

narrow it down.

Try no to include other topics and examples, or why you disagree.)

P6, conclusion.

The length of the paper should reach at least four pages, double spaced, and size twelve Times New Roman Font.

You will need a minimum of four sources for this essay (a source in all three body paragraphs and two in the concession).

You must use 4 sources that I attached. Source can be taken from credible website such as .gov or .edu.

You will need 5 sources total for each body paragraph and counters.

Lastly, you will need to stay in third person for this essay.

Example of topic sentence for body

Having more semis can hesitate murders not to attack schools.

Be specific like it states semis instead of guns.

Sample Concession

Sample Concession
Thesis: Despite the second amendment, America needs to limit the use of guns as in terms of banning high capacity magazines, there are not enough restrictions on semiautomatic weapons, and they encourage high school shootings.
Concession: Although many Americans want more gun control, there are those who argue that banning semis is not possible and that guns stop school shootings. In fact, many people believe that guns decrease high school shootings. Studies show that communities with more guns have less crime; furthermore, if more schools had armed security and teachers, the chances of school shooting would decrease. Dan Newman, gun activist, states, “If we permitted more open carry in schools, criminals would think less about opening fire on innocent people” (61). Many experts are encouraging more training on handling school shooters and advocating more guns in schools to deter violence. Furthermore, banning semiautomatic weapons is not possible as most guns are semis. In essence, it is impossible to strip all of these types of guns away from the American people. “Nearly, 77 percent of all handguns are semiautomatic weapons, which means that most guns in American homes are semis (Brown). The argument goes that we have too many semis in public, and it would be challenging, if not impossible, for the government to take these guns away. While these are plausible arguments, the United States has banned handguns and semiautomatics in the past, and this is something that we need to instill today.
Topic Sentence: The government needs to take stronger measures in stopping the sale of semiautomatic weapons.


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