Functionalism, philosophy questions help

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Terms/Concepts/Theories/Arguments You Should Know:

  • Functionalism
  • Multiple Realizability
  • Mind and Computer analogy
  • Turing’s Imitation Game
  • Arguments for the possibility of Artificial Intelligence
  • Objections to Turing’s Argument
  • The Chinese Room
  • Weak Artificial Intelligence vs. Strong Artificial Intelligence
  • Objections to the Chinese Room
  • Non-Human Animal Minds, arguments for the existence of cognition in other species
  • Anthropomorphism, Anthropocentrism
  • Problems with studying animal minds, skepticism about cognition in other species
  • Epistemology
  • Rationalism
  • Empiricism
  • a priori vs. a posteriori knowledge
  • inductive vs. deductive reasoning
  • Molyneux’s Problem
  • Descartes’ Foundationalism and Rationalism
  • Locke’s Tabula Rasa, arguments against innate knowledge
  • Berkeley’s Subjective Idealism
  • Hume’s Empiricism
  • Hume’s Missing Shade of Blue
  • Hume’s Fork
  • Kant’s Transcendental Idealism
  • Synthetic a priori judgments
  • Ethics, Morality
  • Relativism and Absolutism
  • Egoism vs. Altruism
  • Ring of Gyges
  • Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics, the Virtues, Eudaimonia, Continence/Incontinence/Temperance
  • The Golden Mean
  • Divine Command Theory, problems with it, Euthyphro’s Dilemma
  • Natural Law Theory, Aquinas, etc.
  • Corvino’s
    attack on Natural Law Theory, why homosexuality is impossible to define
    as unnatural (5 different ways to define unnatural, why each fails)
  • Kant’s Deontology, Categorical Imperative, different versions of it
  • Objections to Kant’s Ethics, Conflicting Duties, Unsolvable Dilemmas
  • Bentham’s Hedonistic Calculus vs. Mill’s Utilitarianism
  • Objections to Utilitarianism
  • Ethics based on care, feminism

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