Impact of Civil War at Home

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  • Discuss the political, social, and economic issues affecting the home fronts in the North and South and the way these issues influenced the war

As the war was being fought, both the North and the South also had to contend with domestic concerns at home, including draft riots, political disaffection, and economic crises. After examining the Union and Confederate home fronts in chapters 20 and 21 in McPherson and reading about the New York City draft riots in particular in the sources from CUNY and the New York Times consider the major problems faced on the home fronts throughout the North and South.

Using the readings as evidence, consider the following in a post of at least 250 words:

  • What problems did each side face on the home fronts in terms of politics, economics, and social issues? Focus on at least two issues faced by the Confederacy and the Union.
  • Which side faced the greater problems and why?

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