Levittown began in 1947 with a man named Abraham Levitt, writing homework help

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1.Levittown began in 1947 with a man named Abraham Levitt and his two sons William and Alfred. They embarked on a journey that ended up in a community in Long Island called Nassau County. Over the timespan of a few years, the family transformed the then farmland into a suburban community which housed thousands of people. Many of the residents were World War Two veterans. They also went on to build more communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The houses were comfortable and affordable for both the blue collar and the white collar classes. Their vision was to create the typical picture perfect family image. When people started hearing about Levittown, all they heard were good things like it being the ideal domestic living situation with stability and that cookie cutter image. They were said to have saved people from being homeless due to the baby boomer generation over populating and all of the construction. What they left out was the discrimination that went on behind closed doors. They left out the part about the Levitt’s having put in their contract that no person of color should be living or present on their premises due to image and other reasons. Even after the law was passed to rid discrimination, Levitt still refused to let anyone but caucasians live inside his homes. This was considered the largest community to have no black residents.

2.The American Dream is the idea that anyone has the ability to prosper and do what he or she would like with his or her lives to become successful. It mainly revolves around a free market economy that does not have many restrictions on what business the individual decides to pursue. The American Dream is also engraved in the Declaration of Independence that claims, “All men are created equal” and have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. In my opinion a fundamental flaw of the American Dream is comfort and laziness. Usually, people from different countries do not have as much wealth as the developed world meaning that they will have more drive to become successful and move up the social ladder. The American Dream tries to promote the idea that every generation should progress and become wealthier as compared to the previous. However, comfort and laziness with what has been achieved tends to lead to a loss of motivation to continue prospering. Ultimately, what becomes the incentive to move forward once the previous generations have achieved the most vital needs of a human being such as shelter, food, and comfort?


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