Discussion- Solving Word Problems

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Part 1: Your response/answer must be at least 8 quality sentences. Make sure you are explaining yourself in DETAIL and in YOUR OWN WORDS.

A lot of students have math anxiety, especially with word problems. But nothing lessens anxiety better than planning. Take a look at the word problem below. Do your best job solving it and then share each step you took to reach your answer. When students exchange the practices that work for them, it helps everyone plan better for the next word problem you’ll see.

“You are playing checkers with your good friend, Bob. Initially, you both start with 24 pieces. After 12 minutes have passed, you both lost the same number of pieces. There are currently only 16 pieces left on the board. How many pieces did you each lose?”

Part 2: In a minimum of 50 words each, provide constrictive feedback to the following 2 posts.

Post 1:

The easiest way for me to do word problems is to break it down into small pieces. First both players start with 24 pieces which is 24 x 2 = 48. Next it talks about minutes, the 12 minutes does not matter because we are not looking at time only pieces. Then it states there are 16 pieces left on the board. So then take the total pieces minus what is left. So 48-16 =32 total pieces lost. Then we need to figure how many each lost so 32/2 = 16 pieces lost each. So the answer is 16! I find breaking it down into small pieces really helps follow the problem.”

Post 2:

“Bob and I both started with 24 pieces each. Total Bob and I have 48 pieces. We both lost the same amount of checkers, on the board there are only 16 pieces left.

24+24 = 48 or 24 * 2 = 48 to get the total number of pieces

48 – 16 = 32 pieces lost, 48 is the total amount we started with, 16 is the amount we know that are left on the board. Subtract 16 from the total to get the amount that was lost, which is 32.

32/2 = 16 You divide the amount that was lost, by the amount of players, which in this case it was 2, 32 divided by 2 equals 16.

We both lost 16 pieces.”


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