Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective Coyle, John J

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Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective Coyle, John J.

  1. Discuss the concept of transportation demand in relation to derived demand and its importance in the area of transportation for shippers and carriers. Provide at least two examples. Explain the difference between elastic and inelastic demand. The aggregate demand for transportation service is said to be inelastic while the demand for an individual mode or carrier is often elastic. Explain why this is important to carriers and shippers and why the two concepts are important to transportation demand.
  2. Discuss the relationship between improved transportation, land values, benefits, and possible associated environmental costs. Provide examples of potential positive, as well as negative impacts.
  3. Transportation policies directing and promoting transportation safety reliability, and national security have been in place on the federal level since 1887. Research two federal agencies and discuss specific regulations and public policy enforced today. From a point of view of providers and transportation users, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of increasing regulations relating to transportation safety and security. Substantiate your discussion with specific examples and provide links to your sources.
  4. Discuss value-of-service pricing and cost-of-service pricing. Expand your answer with a discussion of how the two concepts are related and provide relevant examples to substantiate your answer. Be sure to provide references.

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